Indigenous Rugby

The Australian Rugby Union’s (ARU) vision for reconciliation, is to engage and work collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to foster positive relationships, promote a healthy lifestyle and create opportunities or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The ARU is currently delivering its second Reconciliation Action plan (RAP) to:

  • Build sustainable Rugby Programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Celebrate existing Indigenous Rugby Initiatives

The Australian Rugby Foundation (ARF), is committed to supporting this vision to make Rugby a Game for All. The Australian Rugby Foundation drives fundraising efforts into 2 key programs to increase participation numbers in Aboriginal communities.

Deadly 7s Primary School Program:
  • is ARU's national program aligning rugby with the Australian school curriculum.
  • was developed in partnership with Aboriginal educators and community members
  • is focused on promoting the importance of attending school and gaining and a good education
  • provides the first taste of rugby to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary school students over a 5 week program.

ARF donor investment:

  • ensures the continuation and growth of the program into more regions across Australia
  • supports the upskilling of local indigenous community members to create a sustainable program
  • assists in the delivery of the program across multiple school terms to increase Indigenous student rates from Primary to Secondary education
Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team:
  • The Australian Rugby Foundation supports the Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team Inc (LMRDT Inc). The LMRDT- or 'Lloydies' as it is known - was founded more than 20 years ago, with a mission to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in Rugby.

ARF donor investment:

  • ensures the game of rugby is introduced to young Indigenous men and women across Australia
  • supports the coupling of rugby with academics in Australian indigenous communities